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I thought I'd show you some pics of my Organization Mission.
A while back I showed you a horrible pic of my listening station.  This is my updated "organized" pic.  I bought a mini-laundry basket and put all of my headphones in it and I zip-tied the cords together.  I HATE cords!!!
Next up was my Station Cart.  This is my "organized" station cart.  

I added a new station called the "Hot Spot" where students work on standards that are i.d.'s in our school as "Hot Spots".  This is basically where students 3rd - 5th seem to continuously struggle on standardized tests.
Doesn't this activity look fun?  Shhhhh....It's just a worksheet I cut up! 

This is one of my products in my TpT store.  My kiddos LOVE it.  It includes a recording sheet.  It's going to be on sale Sunday & Monday for under $1.50.  If you're interested click on either pic above.  

This week we worked on Main Idea and Supporting Details.  Here are some pics.  
It was a spiral activity that my students didn't get the 1st time, so I started from the ground up.  
I found this on pintrest from a K/1 Blog, but cannot find it.  If it's yours let me know.  It made so much sense to me and I'm trying to focus more on letting my students organize their thoughts with graphic organizers and thinking maps.  
We began by talking about Main Idea and I made this anchor chart.  Okay, I'm not the best artist.  
We read Penguin Chick this week and my students LOVED it.  We did a schema/prior knowledge chart using a penguin my husband free-hand drew for me.  Now, he's a great artist:)
Each Group worked on my "Which Detail Doesn't Support the Main Idea?" Center.  I gave each group a baggie with their MI and Details.  Students had to discuss, decide and justify which statement didn't support the main idea. It's going to be on sale at TPT Sunday and Monday for under $1.50 (don't worry, I included a quick reference answer sheet). Click either pic above and it will take you there.

Throughout the week, we worked on a hand-made main idea/detail packet.  My principal came in and co-taught with me (per my request b/c I cannot get my last class of the day to get anything FINISHED).  
She did this awesome differentiation activity.  I think I'm sticking with it for a while.  Let me show you!
My Above Level students had a STAR on their paper corner.  Their activity this week was guided, but their group worked alone at their own pace.   I had an extension activity with their packet.  

 If you want it, it's yours FREE!  Click Here for my Penguin Poem
I had a mix of on level and high-approaching students and their paper had a triangle on it.  They had the option to do an acrostic poem if they got finished with their packet.  But it was not required.
Since I have 3 classes with a mix of levels, I put the shapes onto sticky notes and moved them to different groups for different classes depending on how many chairs I needed.  
At the beginning of the week, they worked only with other people with the same shape on their paper but on Thursday we do STAAR Practice and have STAAR Buddies.  The STAAR Buddies are mixed ability levels. Star-Triangle, Triangle-Circle.  I have a few Circle-Circle and those work with me.  Students are assigned shapes based on my most recent data, so it's flexible grouping.

This Little Piggy is planning on loading up on clipart! 

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