I'm a rebel I break the rules

I'm breaking bloggie world rules and posting 2x in one day.  It's only because I didn't blog stalk before I posted my Currently.  
Courtney at Swimming is Second is Hosting an Awesome Link
I found a linky I HAD to join!  It's about books that boys like to read.  Not only am I a reading teacher, but I have a 10yr old nephew and a 9yr old step-son so this topic is very real to me.  My nephew is an AVID reader.  My step-son on the other hand isn't.  Now this doesn't mean that we (his mom, dad and myself) didn't try.  We bought him tons of books, his mom even gave him an e-reader for Christmas last year (and a new one this year), I let him order out of my monthly Scholastic Orders and we ALWAYS gave him $ for book fairs at his school.  After the begging and pleading, tears and whining, this year he has finally found books he enjoys reading.

At the beginning of the school year, I set a goal to grow my classroom library.  Enter "Scholastic".  If you don't use Scholastic...you need to!  If you want to but need guidance, let me know.  I also have a code to get you 500 free points. 

First and Foremost, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a huge "boy favorite".  I think they are pretty funny stories and it doesn't hurt that some of them have been made into movies!    
All of my students seem to love The Magic School Bus Series.  It's written comic-book style so it's very intriguing.  
My first Who Would Win came in a pack I ordered.  Boy, I was shocked...kids fought over it!  Yes, they wanted to read!  So, I bought more.
My nephew really likes 39 Clues.
A new book I've noticed a lot of my boys ordering from Scholastic is Geronimo Stilton.  
This is my newest purchase. We'll see if it's a hit when I return to school.
My boys really like these Science Books too.

My Team Teacher thinks I bribe my kids to read.  She says she's never had to tell kids to put books away.  I do sort of trick them.  When I get a Scholastic Box, I go through each book and do a quick little showcase.  I ooh and ahh over them.  If I've never read them, then I read the back or the first few pages and let the kids know a little about the book.  Of course every one of them starts, "Oh, I just love this book..." or "This one is my favorite..." or "I'm not sure I'm going to put this one in the library because I really want to read it first..."  Then, I put about 5 of them on my chalkboard ledge and don't let anyone touch them for 2 days.  If they ask to read it, I say, "Not yet..."  Then, they somehow end up in my library and the kids devour them!!

This Little Piggy Hearts Scholastic! 


Miss Foote said...

I need to add some of these to my collection!

Chickadee Jubilee

Andrea said...

So glad you stopped by my blog! What great book ideas for boys! I love the way you get kids interested in books. It is true that they always want what they can't have. Happy New Year!

Reading Toward the Stars

D. Frideley said...

Yes, Andrea...I'm a little sneaky! It's weird, if they see me read it, they have to read it too!

Laurie, hope all has been well with you!

Amanda Madden said...

Could you email me at amandamadden@me.com so I can get your email address for sending you the Super Bowl unit? Your address doesn't show up when others reply to your comments (no-reply blogger) and I didn't see it on here. Thanks so much! Congrats again! :)


Courtney said...

Thanks for linking up Deniece! I love the 39 clues and all your other choices too. I just ordered those animal books too. I'm going to have to try that trick next time I get my Scholastic order!!

Swimming into Second

Caitlin Hynst said...

I ordered that same animal pack from Scholastic! I also make a big deal of introducing new books. My kids get so excited when they see the big scholastic boxes in my room. Your blog is very cute! I'm your newest follower.

Simply Second

D. Frideley said...

Courtney & Caitlin - I also bought those books for my step-son (who at the moment wants to be a biologist when he grows up) and they were a pretty easy read. Larger words than I expected. I think they will work well for 3rd Grade Boys who are close to on level, on level and beyond.


Ms. O said...

I love your blog design and name. Just had to say that.
39 Clues. It definitely would be for 3rd graders. Many of the 4th and 5th graders don't have much of an idea of who the artists or musicians referenced are. Or the places where the kids go. But hey. It's a chance to learn.
What drives me nuts is all the 2nd graders I have to gently ... encourage ... to look somewhere else! (I'm the teacher librarian.)
Have you seen the Lunch Lady books?

PS If you ever get the chance to see Jerry Pallotta talk to kids ... take it! I actually liked his presentation more than his books. But it's been over a year now and Who Would Win still never makes it past the "to be shelved" cart. They get checked out as soon as they come back in!