Do you know what a CATFISH is?

Loving: CATFISH Okay, have you seen this show?  I saw an episode of Dr. Phil the other day about a 3 women who had been involved with a guy online who turned out to be a WOMAN!  Yes!  Catfish is what you call the person who puts another persona out there on the internet to "reel" in a relationship with someone.  Weird huh?  MTV has a new show about it and it's pure D-R-A-M-A!

Wanting: I got an iPhone!  Does anyone know if I can make fonts with an iPhone?
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Natalie said...

I LOVE that show! Have you seen the actual documentary? They have started playing it on MTV and it is crazy...you gotta see it!

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D. Frideley said...

No Way! I want to see it. I told my husband to DVR it, but he didn't:(

Courtney Long said...

That Catfish show is crazy! I kept saying "that is so stupid! There is NO way I will ever watch it." Hmmmm... then I watched it and was hooked! So interesting. Glad I found your oh so cute blog today through the currently! :)


Jessica Goodrow said...

Congrats on your iPhone! To make a font you need the iFont maker app. I use it on the iPad...I think it would be really hard to use on the iPhone because it is so small. Not sure if it's possible or not. I know you'll love your phone anyway!

Gina said...

We watch catfish too! And we watched the documentary. CRAZY!
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D. Frideley said...

I know that show is a little like watching a trainwreck. In fact, I get so NERVOUS when they REVEAL the real person, I normally have to fast forward just in case it goes horribly wrong! I saw one the other day called, "Jasmine" - hers was a girl imposing as a guy and trying to keep Jasmine away from her boyfriend! Wow! I told you, DRAMA!

Meg said...

I hope your daughter is feeling much better!! And that your Otterbox came :) What a fun beginning!!

D. Frideley said...

Thanks, I got my otterbox and I heart my phone!