Parent Gifts inspired by fellow bloggers

Our Holiday Parties were on Friday.  My team likes to do one big party.  I prefer a classroom party, but I'm a team player so we had a grade level party.  3 adults to 65 kids hyped up on excitement & candy isn't pretty.  I had my students create a few holiday things to take home & enjoy.
#1 Stockings inspired by another blogger.  
I can't remember who, if it's you please let me know!!

 #2 Foam Tree Ornaments.  
#3 Holiday Cards.
 I was inspired by pin from http://beneaththerowantree.blogspot.com.
I bought ink pads from the Dollar Tree, used a black & silver sharpie, cut white cardstock in half and bought envelopes.  Students finished the cards, but we didn't get the envelopes addressed.  I told students to write a short note with Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas on the outside and give it to their families on X-Mas day.  I hope they enjoyed them.  


 This Little Piggy is enjoying an "almost" White Christmas.

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