Itchy Red Rash and Freebie

A couple of days ago I began using a new face wash by a well known and respected company. 
Today my face is red, itchy and swollen.  
I took kids benedryl and now my tounge and mouth is numb - weird huh?  Let's hope the benedryl doesn't knock me out...

I made a quick little "Happy Valentine's Day" pennant/bunting for your home or classroom.  I actually made 2, one is a pennant shape and one is heart shape that says "Happy Heart Day". You can grab it from my TPT store if you'd like or a google doc.   


I'm going to link up with TBA's Freebie Friday

This Little Piggy is Itchy!

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lcooney said...

Thanks for the freebie! Hope your face is better:)