The new, improved clip chart; creativity

The New & Improved Clip Chart
Well, the clip chart isn't new at my school.  We've used the system school-wide for atleast 3 yrs.  We had 4-5 steps and everyone started on green and would move down.   This summer, while blog stalking I found the new move up and move down clipchart.  I really liked it b/c I thought it was colorful - yes I know not the best reason to choose a classroom mngt tool!  Turns out my team agreed to use it.  Seriously, not one day goes by that we don't have someone ask us about it and/or one of us doesn't comment on how much we love it.  The kids are doing so well!  Honestly, I only had 2 kiddos in my homeroom who moved down all week long!!   DISCLAIMER: The pic isn't a true example of behavior.  I needed to take a pic for this post and everyone was already back on "ready to learn", so I asked one of my little friends to move the clips around, I took the pic and when I got home realized she moved way more down than up.  Sorry!!!   During the day the students constantly are trying to clip-up!  If any student gets to purple in any of our 3 classrooms, they get a prize right away!  My team agreed to this.  We give out crazy straws, hershey kisses, pencils, erasers, granola bars, 10min. computer time passes, library passes, stickers, bubbles, etc...  I've had many teachers who has stopped to ask/comment about the chart.  I always direct them to Teachers Pay Teachers so they can find one to match their classroom theme/design.  I like the idea of positive reinforcement rather than negative. 

This week each group made their own graphic organizer/story map for First Day Jitters.  
 I teach 3 reading classes and you can really tell who can think outside-the-box and has creativity with the very first project!  In my 1st class of the day, 4 out of 5 groups copied my layout directly from the board.  In my 2nd class only 2 groups copied directly from my example and by the end of the day, in my homeroom....1 group!
These 2 groups were so creative!  I wish I would have remembered to take pics of the final product.  One group used each persons hands' and put their information inside the hands!  Wow, it looked awesome.
Another group used FRAMES around their titles and they turned out amazingly cute.  This poster was oh so organized and very neatly written.  In fact, it was neater than my very own example!!  Next time, I promise pics of the final product:)

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