Extreme Make-Over, Bloggie Style!

Yup, I'm getting an Extreme BLOGGIE Make-Over!!!

I made a well-thought-out decision this morning to change my blog name.  Since I began my blog, I really wanted a professional, reasonably priced blog design that worked for me and my blog name.  I couldn't find anything that "felt right".  If you remember, a while back I entered a contest for a blog make-over, but didn't win.  I kept my eyes open and I fell in LOVE with a blog design from Honey Bunch Blog Design and I am making some changes to fit the design.  It's perfect for me.  I just love it and I think the new name is quite cute.  Keep your eyes open for my make-over!


Mrs. Lundquist said...

I love your bog design! So cute!

Deniece Frideley said...

It's oh so cute, I just love it.

Liliris said...

Your new blog design is fabulous! Love it!

Fourth Grade Garden

Miss Foote said...

So cute...love the piggies. Mine is getting a blog-over too and I am so impatient:-)

Chickadee Jubilee

Deniece Frideley said...

Thank you Laurie & Liliris! I love the piggies and I like the title too. Maybe I can gain more followers with a distinct style!