Spray Paint & updated class pics

My mom began spray painting my huge bookshelf.  Originally it was "circus" red, blue and cream colored stripes.  It was hideous!  Normally, I tried to hide it in a corner.  Last year my sister covered it with brown butcher paper and we wrapped "vines" (a.k.a. twisted green butcher paper) around it and hot glued flowers on it.  Not this year!  This year, I decided to paint the ugly things in my classroom;)  This is my mom's final product!  It took WAY, WAY more spray paint than I anticipated, but I think I'll really enjoy looking at it this year.
I'm not finished putting my supplies away, but for the work week, it looks fairly organized! 
Classroom library w/o books
Up Close of my "birdie"
My dad just called from COSTCO and............he bought me the laminator!  It's on sale for $15 if anyone wants one!!  YEAH!!!  This is AWESOME!!!!


~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

I like the colors and your birdie adds a sweet touch. :)

Deniece Frideley said...

Thanks:) I'm actually scared of birds, so I had to limit the #.