Monday Made It (take 1) & a Great Prof. Dev. Day

I FINALLY get to do a "Monday Made It"! Yippie! I've been busy, but I have sooo much more to do. First, I made my table supply caddies. I didn't just cut and laminate a flower and put it on. I found 10 for $1 at the Dollar Tree. I mod podged it and added a sticker. Then, I put 2 pieces of velcro on the back. I want to be able to change my theme to tropical and still use them. I also found these awesome, matching trash holders (b/c I like kids to clean up after themselves, but I prefer that they don't get up while doing projects). I also made matching table signs. I will hang those.
Next, I jumped on the Duct Tape Band Wagon & made these...
A cute Attendance Board, Exit Ticket & Containers.

I also mod podged a "sharp pencil" container (I made an unsharp one too, but I don't like it).

I also made my classroom RULES.

I'm debating buying a laminator. I think I would use it, but I'm nervous to spend the $$. Yes, you should know this now, I'm CHEAP! So next week my goal is to finish stations, do a rotation board, mod podge my cork board, get all of my border and baskets!

I just returned from an all day training. It was a fabulous make & take by The Project Gals http://www.projectgals.com/products-page/ . They have some great ideas that I *BET* most of you in bloggie world will love! ALL hands-on projects based on Blooms Higher Levels of Learning! Gotta Love it.


Brandi said...

Your projects came out great! I bought a laminator about a month ago and LOVE it....one of the best purchases ever! I can laminate at night in my pj's and it's thicker than the school laminator!

Success in Second Grade
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Amanda said...

Love the supply caddies! I definitely have to get mine all ready to use. This will be the first year I use them.. here's hoping I love it! :) As far as a laminator GET ONE!!! You will NOT regret it. I too am super super cheap, but could not be happier with my purchase. To be honest I think the one I got was 20 bucks from costco... I feel like they've really come down in price. I promise you'll love it.

Reaching for the TOP!

Emily said...

I also got the $20 one from Costco - it comes with 100 sheets, and I love it too.

Deniece Frideley said...

We don't have a Costco around here, but I do have a Walgreens & it's $27 w/2 pouches. Wishing I could find $20 w/100 pouches - that's a NO Brainer! Hubby told me this morning to buy it...I'm thinking I might!