Flipped PD - anyone interested??

It's finally Spring Break!  

Today my team created a training video for teachers in lieu of a meeting that would explain how to give a test.  The video was 2 minutes & the training would have been at least 30 minutes!!  Wow, what a difference.  We used an app called educreations.

Have you used it or heard of it?  I thought it was pretty easy to use.  We uploaded pictures, then we wrote a script for what we would like to say for each slide and finally, we recorded the video.  

Okay, we recorded it twice.  We encountered a few issues when we made the video.  First, it picked up *any* background sound, including me drawing on the iPad.  Second, we made 1 mistake and had to start over.  Once you press record you can't delete the recording and start over, you have to erase the entire presentation and begin again.   For kids, there will definitely be a learning curve.  

We know that the Flipped Classroom is all the rage, what about Flipped PD?  If you're interested in creating Flipped PD or Flipping some or all of your classroom this tool would definitely be a benefit!!  We took a 30 min. meeting and made it into a 2 min. video!  Don't you think teachers will find that valuable?  That would save a ton of "meeting time".

This Little Piggy wants to hear - what are your views on flipped PD?


Carla @ Comprehension Connection said...

Genius! I love the idea, Deniece! I will have to give that a try.

Richard Majece said...

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