Was I CRAZY???

This is the pic of our paper mache experiment today.
Yes, they cleaned every last drop!!

Are you celebrating Black History Month or Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday?
We are celebrating Black History Month.  I told my students that we would celebrate a person, a time period or a group.  It was up to them who we celebrated and what we did as a celebration.

My students had to do research on different choices,  choose one person, group or time period to celebrate, develop 3 arguments "why our class should celebrate their choice" and finally decide how we would celebrate.  I put a bunch of link's on our class Weebly - this is the easiest and safest way I found for the kids to move around the internet with teacher approved sights.  My Weebly is below - love it!

So, my Wednesday Class decided that they would celebrate the Tuskegee Airmen.
Good choice, right?  I thought so.  
2 out of 3 groups wrote arguments for the Tuskegee Airmen.  If you're interested in the argument page, click here.  They also decided that we would create paper mache helmets that the fighter pilots wear.
Okay, how?  It was their project, they had to decide.  Each group found a recipe for paper mache.
This is where the CRAZY ensues.  
Group 1: Flour, Salt, Water, paper bag strips - they found out that it wasn't a good mixture for what we wanted to do.

 Group 2: 1/2 Glue, 1/2 Water (basically mod podge), paper towel strips - this group thought that their product turned out okay, but it was very messy and dried pretty quick.

Group 3: Liquid Starch (something new to me), strips of paper towels - they had a lot of fun and learned that the thinness of the starch helped them create a smooth product.

Although I love a good craft, the TEKS state that they must understand how the Tuskegee Airmen made contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.  So, the students had to read a few articles and then, create a Word Salad (a.k.a. Word Cloud) about the main ideas/key points from their readings.  

This Little Piggy wants to know what is a project that sounded awesome in theory, but turned out a bit too messy for your liking?  

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Randi Smith said...

Ugh...I thought it would be awesome to make balloon pinatas two years ago... I still think there may be some dried flour/water paste stuck to the walls in my classroom!! Never again!