Calling all Font-a-holics

By now you probably know that I'm a bit obsessed with fonts.  
I talk about fonts way more than any sane person should.  
As much as I love them and enjoy making them, I have yet to pay for one. 

If you're a new TpT or TN seller - run and download new fonts!  
Seriously, one good font can change your entire product!

This Little Piggy wants to know, "What are your 3 Favorite Fonts?"


Wendy @ Read With Me ABC said...

DJB Play Misty For Me
Oh {Photo} Shoot!
KG Fonts..Always a Good Time, Lego House, Second Chances, all of them.
Did you say three? Oh darn!

Read With Me ABC

Nikki T said...

I LOVE Kimberly Geswein fonts for sure!! The fonts that you have listed are cuties! :) I really like Rowdy Summer Fun & Little Piggy's Iced Coffee. :D

~Nikki T
Smart Tarts Learning

D. Frideley said...

I know Wendy...it was hard to pick 10!

Nikki, I love my Iced Coffee font and iced coffee too!!