Pinterest Inspired Christmas Food

I cook a lot.  I usually cook the same thing a lot.
Spaghetti.  Quesadillas.  Pancakes.  Chicken Salad.  Club Sandwiches.  Waffles.  Baked Ziti.  Taco Soup.
Does this sound like anyone else's weekly menu?
I get bored and I try to change things up.
One night I tried to venture outside my comfort zone and make Chicken-Broccoli-Rice Casserole.
Nope, we ate pizza that night.

Our Christmas food this year was Pinspired (a.k.a. Pinterest Inspired).
Let's Start with Christmas Eve.
A friend of mine posted on FB a while back about her "Crack Dip".
HUH?  What is that?
So I ran to pinterest and found the pic below.  I changed the recipe a bit.  Hubby and I munched on it all afternoon and evening so there were no leftovers...it was a HIT:)
Pinspired Project #2 was Christmas Cookies.
I'm sure you've seen these easy Reindeer Cookie pics and maybe you tried it too.  

On to Try #3.  EPIC FAIL.
I tried to make this Overnight French Toast Souffle'.

I put my brown sugar-buttery mixture on the bottom.  Then I layered 
cinnamon bread and cream cheese per the directions.

I poured my egg and cream mixture over it and let is sit in the refrigerator overnight.

I baked it and it cooked well.  I just couldn't stand the texture.  
Parts were crusty and other bites were mush.  ICK.
The cream cheese didn't melt, it just kind of blobbed.  YUCK.
I think the recipe worked, but my hubby refused to touch it.  It didn't look like the picture at all!  

My last "try" was a casserole that I had about 10 years ago at a baby shower and fell in love with!  
I made it once, but not since I've been married.

I loved it, hubby thought it was too soupy.  
I used southern hash browns instead of shredded and I'm not sure they soaked up all the soup.  
Just thought I'd share one of my favorite pics of My Girl from this Christmas!

This Little Piggy was up at 7:20a.m.  What time did your kiddos get you up??

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Jennifer Laffin {Mrs. Laffin's Laughings} said...

This post about Pinterest recipes made me laugh! My family was commenting on all the new recipes I tried for Christmas dinner....all of them were found on Pinterest!!

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings