Mission Organize Me 2013

I have to admit Organization kind of makes my head spin.  I see ah-mazing pins of data binders, teacher organizers and color-coded plastic bins and I get a little light headed.
So, last year my goal was not to be the Clutter Queen (it's much cuter than Hoarder Chick or Pile Girl).  
I give myself a B- on last year's project.  I've learned that "IF" I have a system set up or "home" for supplies, it's much easier to stay organized.  
So, this year's goal...

Since, I finally have an organization tip - 
I'm going to link up with two amazing bloggers and their Optimum Organization Linky Party.

Topic # 1: RtI
A.K.A. Response to Intervention.  
I've been thinking about this since January May.  I have 3 classes that I see throughout the day and I keep track of Reading RtI for 67ish Kiddos at all times.  I also give fluency assessments every 3 weeks. 
Last year, I did an almost average job at RtI.  Sometime in January, I realized that I needed a schedule for RtI (that will be later in the post) and I better organization system for paperwork.   Our school does have a decent system for tracking data. 

I do small grouping at my teacher table and I have a ton of stuff in my bookshelf.

When SmileMakers contacted me and said I could pick (almost) anything to review, I knew I was headed straight for organization!  What did I find?
Look at this...it has 3 compartments, drawers and it even matched my classroom color scheme. SCORE.

This big, flat box arrived the day I returned from vacation...perfect timing!  I opened the box and decided I had to get off vacation time to put it together.  It only took me around 20 min. to put it together.

I've found a few pins that will give you more insight as to how I plan to use the Classroom Keepers Management Center.

I love, love, love the first pin. I can so do this! We have to turn in progress reports every 2 week and this will help me keep up with paperwork. Each class period, I see 2 groups of RtI students. Each student has a folder. It holds their guided reading book, a graphic organizer, comprehension questions, a vocabulary worksheet, sight word flashcards and a fluency passage. The Classroom Keepers Management Center will easily organize me! 

RtI Routine: 
Day 1 - Sight Word Flashcards, Direct Instruction, Vocab Review, Quick Oral Pre-Read, I read each page, then we do a Choral Read
Day 2 - Sight Word Flashcards, Partner Read,  Book Discussion, Graphic Organizer for Skill, 1st Fluency Timing
Day 3 - Sight Word Flashcards, Whisper Phone Read, Comprehension Q's, Vocab Worksheet, Fluency Whisper Phone Read  
Day 4 - Sight Word Flashcards/Checklist, Whisper Phone Read, Comprehension Q's, Vocab Worksheet, Final Fluency Timing
**This year I plan to do a Mini-Test on Friday**

If you need classroom organization, borders, stickers, tooth necklaces (so cute), mini timers or pencils.  Go check out Smile Makers.  They do a flat shipping rate of $4.99, but if you spend $50 shipping is FREE!!

Join This Little Piggy as I get Organized for BTS!

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Heather aspecialkindofplace.blogspot.com said...

Thanks you sharing. I always find a lot of great ideas, but if I'm not organized I can miss opportunities to use them. I appreciate these tips and thank you for sharing the RTI routine. Heather