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I'm having a pretty awesome Giveaway!  It runs through Thursday.  Yeah, I know there's STAAR testing this week.  But, I wanted to do a Giveaway -- plus, it helps me take my mind off of "the test".  

So, tonight I'm going to feature The TpT Sellers who helped me create Little Piggy's Prize Pack for TpT Sellers.  

First up, Susanna Wesby from Whimsy Workshop Graphics.  I love her little birdie.  I found her because she was featured in the TpT Newsletter last month.  She's really talented and I would love to sit beside her in a Staff Meeting to see what she doodles!  She has AWESOME $1 DEALS!!!   

Next, Kady Did Doodles.  I found Kady in February and used her freebie hearts.  I love her artwork - she even has coffee clipart!!  She also makes frames and you know what...she's going to GIVE YOU FRAMES FOR FREE!  Yes, you heard that right!  If you follow my blog and her blog, she's GIVING YOU FREE FRAMES!   
Bloggie Friends...go get these FREE FRAMES!

Do you know Crystal A.K.A. The Libraryfox?  She makes Foxy Mini-me's.  Yes, you give her a pic and she'll illustrate you for under $10!  Crystal has the cutest doggie clipart and she's donating a product I own...Chevron Letters!  Who doesn't love Chevron?  If you live under a rock and Chevron isn't your thing, she has a huge variety of letters that you can use to decorate covers.

Have you met Octavia from Ink n Little Things?  She's a regular in the TpT Forums.  I ADORE her little octopus logo and her new digital papers.  She's got a new blog and she gives away freebies - have I mentioned there's one thing I love more than Frames...it's FREEBIES!  Check out her blog!  

Now, did you think I'd have a giveaway and not giveaway Piggies?  Johnston Kindergarten and Digital Clipart  has these oh so cute chubby piggies!  They are on my wishlist right now.  I own Bobbi's Lemonade Clipart - so cute!  Whatever kind of clipart you're looking for...she's got it!   


Do you recognize this face?  It's Cara Taylor from TpT.  I found Cara's store during Black History Month.  We have a huge Black History Month Celebration at my school and I needed some awesome activities.  Cara's products were perfect.  Cara also has clipart and FRAMES...my favorite!  

Teacher's Toolbox is helping out by offering these oh so cute animal print backgrounds.  Do you have an animal print classroom or jungle room?  These papers would be awesome for you!  I really like the peacock paper.  

This Little Piggy hopes you signed up for the giveaway & I hope you found a new clipartist to follow!  

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Susanna - Whimsy Workshop said...

Love the way you've set this up and thank you so much for the sweet comments! Donating clip art was MY pleasure! Good luck!

-Susanna :-)