Late Night 5 for {Freebie} Friday

Can I ever post a blog-post before midnight?
It's Friday and I actually have things to talk about so I'm going to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday Linky Party.  

#1) Nashville has been re-runs lately, so I'm getting my drama-fix from Dallas.  Woow, it's great right now.  To begin, I'm from Dallas, so it has a special place in my heart.  
Second, I have the slightest crush on Bobby Ewing....
and now, John Ross Ewing (yummy).  

#2)  I got my April Scholastic Flyers today.  I saw a book I cannot wait to get!
It's a poetry book about dog names...I L-O-V-E names!  
And I really need help teaching poetry.  I hope I can find some PD this summer on poetry. 

#3)  I got an iPad over Spring Break, but I can barely use it because My Girl has it in her hands about 80% of the time!  On the upside...she's reading some word families now:)

#4) I WANT TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW (yes I'm yelling in a whiney voice)...but I have to teach Saturday School:(  

*Sorry I cannot get this Pic to Rotate*

#5) Today, my kiddos played 2 Games - first, prefix/suffix baseball (I'm sure all of you play baseball at some point or another so I won't bore you with it).  Second, we played "Who's My Character?'  This is a higher level thinking game where students draw conclusion and implement their questioning skills.  Students first generate questions about who their character is.  I put a character from a well known book, tv show or kid-friendly movie on a label and put it on their back.  Then, they walk around and ask their classmates questions.  Finally, they draw a conclusion about who their character is.



Beth Ann Kempf said...

I have been meaning to watch Nashville. I haven't got around to it yet. :) The dog book looks so cute.
Have a great Saturday, even though you have to work.
❀Beth Ann❀
Taming My Flock of Firsties

Brittany Hutchinson said...

I am anxiously awaiting a new Nashville!!!!!

I loooove that guess my character I am going to super-model that and adapt for 1st grade. My kids are rocking story elements so I feel like they could pull it off if it were guided enough. Thank you!!!

Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit!

Brittany Hutchinson said...
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Jenny said...

We are all about Dallas in my house. It has become our guilty pleasure!

Enjoy your weekend!

Suntans and Lesson Plans

JennyB said...

I am anxiously awaiting new episodes of Nashville. I love it!!! Love your blog and the pigs!!! <3

One Berry Blog

D. Frideley said...

Brittany, I included an answer document with the questions already printed for lower grades. My kiddos really enjoyed it!

Oh ladies, I can't wait for Nashville...it's my nighttime soap! haha

Justin Knight said...

Great post! We recently got an iPad and our 6 year old is much more skilled with it than I am. I am your newest follower!
Justin Knight
Writing Pad Dad Blog