Crutches and V-Day Cootie Catcher {3rd & 4th Math}

I'm stuck on the couch!  Seriously...I fell yesterday and twisted my ankle.  It's now about 4x it's normal size. OUCH!  My husband is picking up crutches this afternoon.

On the positive side, I was able to work on a lot of products today.  I think I need more things in my TpT store.  

I had a TON of hits and a Great Deal of purchases on my 100 Day Cootie Catcher for Upper Elementary.  Since I was stuck on the couch today, I made one for V-Day!  I also included the CCSS and TEKS alignment.  It's on Sale for $1.00 until Monday, Feb. 11th.  Click on the picture to buy it.  Feel Free to pin it!

But...since you're my Sweet Lil' Followers, I made you a FREEBIE!  It's all about opinions.  This is a fun activity you can do at your V-Day Party or for Bell Work.  Click either picture to download.  

I'm going to link these up with All Things Upper Elementary.

If you haven't noticed, I have been working on simple clipart.  It's very basic, but I enjoy making it.  I try not to charge more than $1 for it.  I hope someone will find them useful.  My daughter insired these.  She started acting like a birdie last night and voila!  Her fav is Blue Birdie and mine is Pink Birdie.  

While I was typing this Blogpost - cha-ching - I officially paid for my Premium Membership within 10 days of purchasing it!  Yippie.  I know this isn't a huge milestone for many, but I am relieved and now hubby might understand why I spent the $$. 

This Little Piggy Hopes Some of You Can Use my Freebies!


Nikki T said...

I love your new chicky clip art. :) What program do you use? I like drawing things too, but am ready to challenge myself to draw with different programs. :)

DFrideley said...

I just use google draw and manipulate shapes . Not a program I wish I had adobe illustrator or something similar I want to do doodle art.

Nikki T said...

I would also love adobe illustrator! I am not sure that I would know exactly how to use it though. :)