Friday Flashback and a Mommy Moment

Sorry, I know it's Saturday, but if you read the whole post you'll understand why I couldn't post earlier.
 Tuesday, I began by talking about bullying.  I used my Cell Phone Graphic Organizers for Cause/Effect.  We used the blank ones and did a little "out of our seat" activity where students graphed their own internet usage.
We did a book walk to preview our story and talked about vocabulary words, and I did some major "think alouds" about homographs.  We did a quick 5 Q pre-quiz on prefixes and if students made a 100, they didn't have to take the Friday quiz on prefixes.  But our main focus was Bullying. I was inspired by Tonya's Treat's for Teachers Video to make one for our classroom too.         

Wednesday, we did a guided-practice utilizing our Test-Taking Strategies on a Cause-Effect Passage from Treasures that gave practice pin-pointing signal words.  Then, we reviewed Messaging Mania and used my cell phone cause-effect graphic organizer when we read our story.  

I would give ANYTHING in the world to re-do Thursday.  Thursday was a BUST,
I woke up looking forward to the day.  One of my new teaching friends asked me to help her prep for her upcoming eval, so I agreed to as long as we could eat Mexican Food (my favorite).  I began by doing a prefix activity I found on Pintrest. 
They had to choose 1 of our spelling words and create their own balloon bouquet.  I modeled it and gave a finished product.  The first one had just the prefix and it's meaning (ie: UN NOT), the next one had their spelling word and it's meaning (ie: unwrap and not wrapped), the final one had a sentence using their spelling word with the word underlined (ie: The girl unwrapped her gift on Christmas morning.).  They bombed the sentence section - HUH?  So, it's a re-teach piece next week.  We did a demonstrate your strategies on a cause-effect passage from Measuring Up.  AGAIN, THEY BOMBED IT!!!  
So, I figured Mexican food would make me forget all about my day.  Yup, it did.  I got home around 8:30, gave my girl a bath, put her into bed and began working on my bullying video.  
My daughter comes out of the bedroom and I say, "You're supposed to be asleep."   I get up to take her back to bed and notice her hair looks weird.  
I ask, "What did you do to your hair?"  She says, "Mommy, I got a haircut." 
Yes, my daughter found scissors I didn't even know I had and chopped her beautiful golden hair off!  
At this point, things go blurry.  
I turned on the light and there are chunks of hair everywhere!  Not little chunks, LONG BLONDE CHUNKS.  My child looks horrific!  I go into a terrifying rage.  The whole household is in complete chaos and everyone is yelling and crying.  Yes, I went C-R-A-Z-Y.  

Friday, my husband made me take Friday off so we could go together and get my girl a haircut (truthfully, I was heartbroken, I couldn't have gone to work).  In my head I knew it was going to be SHORT, really SHORT.  In my heart I couldn't imagine my baby without her pig-tails swinging as she walked. The beautician asked if I wanted to keep her hair or donate it (yes, it was over 10 inches).  I said, donate and as she cut the long blonde pony tail, tears quietly streamed down my face.  
Don't get me wrong, I know I'm lucky to have a healthy, beautiful and smart daughter.  I do, but I was in shock.  Later that afternoon, my sweet girl turns to me with a huge smile and says, "Mommy, do you like my haircut?"  
And I say, "I love it, you look beautiful."  
This Little Piggy made it through.


Jessica Goodrow said...

Oh no! This reminds of something that happened to my sister when we were little. She got a giant wad of gum stuck in her hair and had to get it all cut off! I love your story telling :)
Literacy Spark

Nikki T said...

I am sure that was a hard one to get over... I remember my sister cutting "bangs," that basically went to her SCALP! NO HIDING THAT! I am sure your daughter's new do is super cute too. :)

Smart Tarts Learning

Amanda Madden said...

Oh no!!!! I hear so many stories of kids doing this! Why do they want to cut off all their hair?? Poor mommy! :( She is still adorable...and it will grow back quickly so she can have ponytails again!

We all have those "Alexander" days. I'm sure this week will be a better week for you!

Teaching Maddeness

D. Frideley said...

Thanks ladies for reading that "essay" of a blogpost. I think I just needed to get it out for therapy of some nature. Sorry about the rambling.

I have accepted her short hair (don't have a choice). Now we are dealing with her constantly saying she's a boy. UGH. I wonder how school will be for her when she goes tomorrow?