Quick Scarf Tutorial Under $10

Since I'm on break, I spend a lot of time looking at blogs and pintrest.  Well, I had a lunch planned for today with 2 teacher friends and thought I'd take them gifts.  They are both pretty crafty so I thought they would like something I made rather than something I bought.

I found this cute scarf on pintrest 
and thought, "hey I can do that!"  
Am I the only one who does that when I find something on pintrest?

My first attempt was a bust!  I used a paper plate and it's just simply too small, so I used a regular plate the 2nd time and it worked like a charm!  I bought a 2XL T-shirt from Wally's for under $6.  
Step 1: Draw 4-5 Circles on it (use a regular plate, yes you can use a sharpie or chalk).
Step 2: Cut into spirals (cut smaller than this, about 1.5") 
Step 3: Gather Strips with a felt flower.  
  Now, if you've never made these....they are easy peesy lemon squeezey!   
Plus, they are super-dee-dooper cheap so if your my daughter loses them at pre-school you aren't worried about her losing an expensive bow (or even a $1 bow).  
I used a glade candle to trace, you can use a baby food jar lid or something similar in size.  I use a sheet of felt (.29cents at Wally's).  I trace 6ish circles.   
 You'll also need a pony tail holder too.   
 Fold the circles in half.
Then into 1/4's.  Put a little hot glue (in the center) to hold the fold. Then, hot glue down onto the base circle (which I cut a bit smaller so you don't see it).   
Take a look at the pretty bracelet my wonderful hubby bought me for Christmas.
You just glue 4 of these onto the base.  Then, 2 more onto the top to make it look fuller.  Then hot glue a pony tail holder onto the back.  I glue a small oval of felt over the pony tail holder to secure it.  I made 2 black scarves and a red & purple flower.    

This Little Piggy's Friend Loved Her Scarf! 

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