Heartache and Joy

I am never good at talking about death and/or tragedy.  I'm not sure what to say or how to say it.  I think because I realize it doesn't matter what I or anyone says, it doesn't make the hurt go away.  Stepping outside my box, I will say that my heartaches for the parents of the children who were taken too early.  I am deeply sorry.
I am home sick today (sinus) and I have a sub.  I don't feel great about that.  I don't know what the kids will talk about or what will be said.  Last year, our school and it's community experienced a tornado.  It destroyed many houses and some of my fellow staff members, a teammate and a few students either lost their homes or were displaced for a long period of time.  We talked about it openly and we still talk about it when we read something about tornadoes or other natural disasters.   I do know that we will talk about school safety tomorrow. And we will discuss that we experienced a tornado but the school staff kept everyone safe.
Friday morning my throat hurt.  But, I had a busy day ahead of me, so I took an allergy pill and went about my day.  My daughter had her holiday recital at pre-school.  It was sooo cute!  They were supposed to dress up like Mrs. Claus.  After getting ready, she told me she was a Snow Princess, not a Grandma.

This time of year is very emotional for me every year, not just this year.  My daughter was born on December 20.  Her birthday makes me incredibly emotional.  I spend half the day crying and the other half holding her and kissing her.  My friends think I'm strange for it.  I don't care.  It has been absolutely amazing to watch my daughter grow up.  I got married in my late, late 20's and had a baby in my 30's.  My entire life, I wanted nothing more than to be a mom.  She made my wish come true.  She is my heart.

Saturday morning my ears were clogged, but my almost 4 year old had a ballet recital and a birthday party  on her agenda.  So, mommy took an allergy pill and took pictures.  My sweet girl did well at her ballet recital and we went to a petting zoo for her birthday party.  It was amazing to watch my daughter who has no fear feed all of the animals by hand.  My baby said she had, "the bestest birthday party EVER, Mama!"

Sunday morning, I woke up with a scratchy throat, clogged ears and a massive sinus headache.  So, today I'm home taking care of Mommy.    

This Little Piggy has a broken heart for 26 Families in CT.

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