Literature Circles

This was such a crazy week.  I have NO pics due to the craziness.

I went to a class today about Literature Circles.  I loved, loved, loved it!!!  I can find a million and one reasons not to do it, but I really love the idea of Book Clubs.  My biggest obstacle is "the books".  We don't have collections on our campus.  This year I would like to read Charlotte's Web, but it will entail me purchasing it or asking parents to purchase them.

I tried it once...it didn't work out at all.  I had no training, I didn't really have a huge plan other than to create clubs based on interests and find short stories about those interests.  Then, I would develop Q's based on the stories.  Not a good plan, not a good follow through.  My students were psyched and it wasn't their fault it didn't work.  It was mine.  I wasn't prepared and I hadn't set out with a clear plan.  Can I put together a plan this year?  Yes I can.  I did it for Stations.  My stations have gone really well.  I still don't feel like I get to see my RTI students as much as I need to, but many of them are showing improvement!!

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