Ever had one of those days?

Sure you have, you're a teacher too.
bebecca from deviantat
Has someone invaded my students bodies and brains?  They do not remember our classroom or school procedures at all.  These haven't changed since the first day, heck I had some of these kids in PK and K and my rules haven't changed since then!!!  I mean we still walk with our hands in our pockets or behind backs and we don't talk in hallways so we don't interrupt anyone.  

Aside from that, I got a new student yesterday.
Getting a new student is like eating with a blindfold.  You never know what you're biting into.
It could be delicious sweet cake with gooey chocolaty icing or a bitter pickle!  Guess what I got?

When you're departmentalized you don't have a true homeroom.  Friday we have early release (and parent/teacher conferences in the afternoon) and my homeroom students are soooo excited to spend the whole day with little' ol'  me.

Today, we played a review game.  I printed out 5 sets of questions, cut them up and labeled them 1-8.  Then, I put them into gallon baggies.  I took my kiddos to the gym, numbered them off 1-5.  Then, each group got a dry erase board, marker and eraser.  They sat at half court and when I said go, one person ran to get the #1 out of the baggie.  They took it back to their group, read the Q and wrote their answer on the white board.  Then, I called for answers.  All groups with the right answer, got a point. I did this with 3 classes, 15 groups and NOT ONE student ever figured out that it didn't matter how fast they ran! haha.  Every group cheered their runner on like they were running a marathon.  I didn't care who was first or last, I just wanted a correct answer!!

This Little Piggy is OUT of ink, again!

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