Made it Saturday: Personal Puppet Show

Today I'm going to teach you how to make a Personal Portable Puppet Show!  

You can use them in grades PK - 12!  The best part...once you make a class set, you can use them for years to come!     

Packing Tape/Duct Tape or a Stapler
File Folder

Fold Front in Half
Tape or Staple Sides (as close to the edge as possible)
Look at the top area of the fold.
You need to cut slits about 1/2 an inch from the edge.
Then, cut across.  Keep that scrap.
You're going to have 1 pocket and 1 opening.

You can use a hole punch to make holes or you can use scissors
to make slits.  Measure Ribbon or Yarn to make a "necklace".
This is the Final Product that you can use over & over again!  Now, how do the kiddos use it?  Make a Puppet! You can use the scrap paper (but you need all of it, this is 1/2 and it's too short) or a Popsicle stick.  
Next, Trim Paper and Design a Setting.  Slide the Setting into the Pocket.  
The Puppet goes in open area, so the student can move the puppet around.

Now, your students can use the front flap to demonstrate knowledge of the skill you're working on for the week.  This is an example of a summary, but you could easily do a story map, cause/effect graphic organizer, t-chart of fact/opinion or for lower grades students could draw all characters or write names of characters.  You can also use the puppet to practice point of view.  
Again, trim the paper.  Fold the paper in half and slide it over the open area.  

TA-DA!  A Portable Puppet Show!   I did not make this up, I saw a version of it a training a while back, then I saw it again this summer at a GT training by The Project Gals.  

This Little Piggy is Making 22 Personal Puppet Shows!


Rikki said...

I just found your darling blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE the name of it! I'm a new follower!!
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D. Frideley said...

Oh Thanks:) I follow yours as well. Hope I can put up a few things other teachers can utilize in their rooms:)