Going on a Word Hunt...Nostalgia for 8 year olds

Going on a Bear Word Hunt
I'm going to link up with a new blogger friend, Rebecca at Ladybug's Lounge and show off my Word Hunt.  I found her blog and I think we have  A LOT in common, we both teach 3rd Grade in TX and we teach at similar schools.  Let's kick off her Linky, Link Up!!

A lot of my students this year are the same students I taught in PK and K.  Well, back then when they were 4 and 5 they loved to sing "Going on a Bear Hunt".  I was sitting in yet another wonderful meeting and I began doodling...I knew I needed to review vocabulary and I wanted to do it in a fun way.  I put our 6 vocabulary words around the room on bubbles (next time I'll do them all in the same color and maybe make them into the shapes of bears).
Remember, I said I was in a meeting?  Well, I made this worksheet gasp by hand and since I didn't get out of the meeting until 5, still had to make copies and pick up my daughter before 6...it's simply hand-written.
Of course, we had read our story and discussed our words.  I even went over a few of the answers out loud.  Then, we SANG!  I'm going on a Word Hunt...You can't go over it...You can't go under it...You have to walk to it...
The Word Hunt Rules.  You and your partner are hunting for words, so you want to be quiet so that no one else can hear your answers.  You are walking quietly so that you don't scare the words away.  Every score of 100 wins a hunting trophy (teeny tiny frog erasers I found at the Target Dollar Spot)!

It went AMAZINGLY WELL!  I only had 6 partnerships all day long that didn't get an eraser.

If you students need more vocabulary...these are things I do EVERY week to help my students.   You can click on the cover above and it will take you directly to my TpT store where you can grab this pack for $1.25!
This little piggy can't wait for Saturday Morning!


Kelly said...

Cute! I love this idea & can't wait to use it. Thanks for stopping by my blog & I'm your newest follower :)

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D. Frideley said...

Thanks Kelly, your blog is soo cute! Love the colors and design.