*Freebie Restroom Pass on goggle docs

I made another item today Restroom Passes .  If it works for you, you're more than welcome to use it.  

Our school is doing a big push on Fry's and Dolch Sight Words this year.  So I added a 2nd page with them for the backside.  

I know, I know everyone is making those cute sanitizer bottles for passes.  I was going to make some too, but I started thinking... Where are they going to put it when they go to the restroom?  On the floor?  YUCK-O!  


Melissa said...

Cute passes. I have used the hand sanitizer in the past but not as passes they take with them. It goes on their desk. I can quickly see who is out using the bathroom plus it reminds them to clean their hands when they get back even if they already washed them in the bathroom. ;)

DFrideley said...

That's a good idea. I might do both;)