Clues of blog stalking

Well, I'm up to 40 followers:)  That makes me smile.  It's funny, I can tell no one else at my school stalks teaching blogs b/c no one has a cute toolbox or birthday balloons;)  Ha-Ha!!  I'm supposed to be at Office Depot right now, getting my SWAG on.  I just don't even feel like lifting my arms and washing my face - seriously, how sad is that?

I had help yesterday setting up my classroom - my mom & sister.  We are all exhausted!  The one thing I forgot to do TAKE PICTURES!!!  Seriously, they came on the intercom at 4:25 and told us to be out in 5 min. so we had just enough time to stuff our crap things in a bag, grab phones and run out.  I left my camera, my lunch bag and my entire box of scrapbook paper & ribbon!!!!  AHHHHH.........

Does anyone else go in with a plan/vision & then once you get going, it changes?  Well, this happened to me...but I really like the changes:)  It's no secret that I love pink!!  These are pics of my daughter's nursery & her big girl room.  If you notice the walls are pink - my husband calls them pepto-pink!
I went in my classroom with the idea that I would do alot of black and add turqoise, green and pink with it.  I ended up with very little black.  Instead of pink, turquoise and green are the "colors".  My room is going to look awesome!  It's very calming & unique.  I can't wait for final pics.  My mom made my table skirt & it looks amazing (btw, if you're doing a table skirt for a kidney table, you need about 5yards of fabric and velcro)!!!  I also have a reason to search pintrest today b/c my sister gave me a great idea to make a portable bulletin board (since I can't get back in my room until Thursday)...I'll do a post on it later!


Samantha Middendorff said...

It's funny that you talked about no one else blog stalking! I am constantly sharing ideas from various blogs with my co-workers, ha ha. Although, I am glad that they are Pinterest people ;) My classroom is FULL of blog and Pinterest ideas!

Carol Redmond said...

It can be exhausting getting back into school after summer. I am interested in your see your table skirt for your kidney table. Will you post a picture?

mrsyoung said...

My new class color theme is turquoise and green too, with some black. It IS very calming! I made it to Staples this morning somehow! And nobody at my school blogs, but my new teammate is inspired by Pinterest. Would love to see some pictures of your classroom sometime.

Young Daze in 5th Grade

Deniece Frideley said...

Carol, yes, I'll post a pic of it on Tuesday - check back:) However, I have absolutely no clue how to make it. My mom seriously spent about 2 hours making it. If it would have been cut the correct length (from top of table to the floor) she would have been done in 20 minutes.

Deniece Frideley said...

I still didn't make it to Office Depot!!! What the heck? It's almost 4 and I'm in my PJ's.

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog about my fry board!
(new follower!)
First Grade Blue SKies

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see all of your pictures!!

Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

Deniece Frideley said...

It's nothing like yours - but hopefully will be inviting and semi-organized (which is my main goal).