My 1st Linky Party

This is my very first linky party - EVER! Amanda from Teaching Maddeness is having a linky party and I decided to join it. Maybe I will get some new followers, too!

This school year, I hope to....
1- Be Data Driven! I want to use data to create all of my groups, use data to develop RTI plans and keep track of data/growth throughout the year. I need a BINDER for all of this!

2- Put up displays throughout the year! I do some really cute activities in class, and I intend on making bulletin boards, but I just simply run out of time. Maybe I can find a parent volunteer (just maybe).

3- Pick up my daughter by 5:30! When we had a baby, we decided we didn't want him/her to grow up at daycare. Last year, I picked her up way too close to 6:00 way too many times. Shhh, I was late on a few occasions. I hate that for her.

4- I want to keep up with my weekly classroom newsletter and offer online homework as well. This will take some research, but I'm committed to it.


Heather's Heart said...

Your blog is precious...I love the name of it!

I am going to try and have a goal similar to yours about leaving school by 5:30. It is so easy to stay and get caught up in doing things.

I am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance. =)

Heather's Heart

Amanda Madden said...

YAY! So glad you joined your first linky party, Deniece! It led me here to your super cute blog and I'm your newest follower! ;) I love the idea of having a parent volunteer do bulletin board displays...I'm sure some of them are more "artsy" than I am!

Teaching Maddeness

Anonymous said...

LOVE the title of your blog! I can totally relate to resolution #2...I am HORRIBLE with BB displays. (Last year, I still had Snowmen cutouts over the door...in June! ACK!)

I'm your newest follower. Stop by for a visit. :)

Classroom Capers

Unknown said...

Love your site! So glad i found you & look forward to reading more! ****Cute Crafts, too!****

DFrideley said...

Thanks Janie! I made about 10 more tonight...I'm trying to decide if I should post now or on Monday's "made it monday". Not sure.

Amanda Kendall said...

Leaving on time is one of my biggest challenges too! There are simply never enough hours in the day.

The Teaching Thief