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I am super excited about the new purple sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!  Have you seen it?  It's very pretty and a great addition to my collection!  I love their sharpeners.  If you haven't ever tried one, go order now!  They last forever.  

Do you need proof?  

My kids ask me how I get my pencils soooo sharp.  I tell them I have a secret sharpener!  They are in AWE and beg to see it.  I told them I might show them at Christmas.  

I really like this shade of purple, it has a jewel tone and it's very pretty!  I wonder what the next color will be?

This Little Piggy loves Purple!

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Erika said...

Deniece, I will be closing Honey Bunch Blog Design at the end of 2020 and no longer hosting graphics. This means your blog elements will no longer work. Blessings, Erika