August Currently!

I am typing at warp speed because I've NEVER EVER been within the first 100 on Farley's Currently!  

If you're a new blogger or you've been on the Bloggie Block for a while, link up with Farley & The Currently!  FUN!  

It reminds me of when I was a teenager & I would read Teen Bop's interview with NKOTB or Debbie Gibson.  Remember those? FYI...this one was on my wall until I left for college.

I went to EdCamp today & I had a great time with my teammates!  I've missed them this summer!  They are so incredibly supportive & one of them had some great news to share (see thinking...).

Yes, I need to really look at my TpT Cart & decide what I need.  I mean I can't spend $100 during the sale.  I need to make some decisions. What do I need for BTS and what can wait.

I'm not sure about my RAK's.  Maybe something for my daughter's teacher and maybe something for the Principal's I work with. Maybe both.  Probably both.

This Little Piggy wonders, what is one thing you can't live without in your TpT Cart?


The Math Nerdette -Christine Baugh said...

I've never been in the top 100 either!I don't think I've even been on the 1st page of the linky party! I am so excited!! I didn't even think about getting my cart together for the sale. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Christine from The Math Nerdette

The Polished Teacher said...

I hope I love my coworkers as much as you seem to love yours! That reminds me I need to go finalize my cart for the big sale! I have so much that I want to try this year but especially interactive notebooks!

Sandy Contreras said...

It's funny but I love when I get within the top 100 too! LOL I've got in the top ten a couple of times before. That's only because I stalk Farley. I need to fill my TPT cart. Everytime I shop TPT I HAVE to HAVE clipart. It is a MUST HAVE.

Deniece F. said...

Sandy, I have a rule - no clipart in the BTS sale. I only allow myself to buy BTS items. So yeah, I bought clipart last week. shhhh

Ashley, I love my TEAM. Seriously, LOVE. Maybe one day when we're old we'll all live together like the Golden Girls.

This Little Piggy Reads

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